Mission of Department of Commerce of Shandong Province

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1.     To draft and implement local laws and regulations in commerce field; to formulate and implement the plans and policies for developing provincial commerce; to study the development trends of economic globalization, regional economic cooperation and modern distribution patterns and distribution system reform, and give proposals.

2.     To advance the structural adjustment of distribution industries and guide the reform of distribution enterprises and the development of community commerce; to be responsible for the administration of commercial and trade services and to propose policies and proposals for promoting the development of SMEs in commerce and trade areas; to formulate and implement the development planning and policies for renewable resources recovery industry; to promote the standardization of distribution industry and the development of modern distribution modalities like chain operation, commercial franchising, logistics distribution, e-commerce, etc.

3.      To study and put forward the policies and proposals guiding domestic and foreign capital to flow to the development of market system, foster and develop urban and rural markets; to guide the program of bulk commodities retail markets and the planning of urban commercial networks, and guide the construction of commercial system; to advance rural market system construction, organize and implement modern rural distribution networks.

4.      To lead the coordination work for rectifying and standardizing market economy order, draft policies for regulating market operation and distribution order; to promote credit building in commerce sectors and give guidance to sales based on business credit; to supervise and administer the special distribution industries (such as auction, pawn, leasing, automobile circulation, secondhand goods circulation, scraped car recycling including disassembling) according to relevant rules; to cooperate with relevant departments to draft the establishment planning of pig designated slaughterhouses (factory), and to supervise and administer pig slaughtering.

5.     To institute an emergency management mechanism for the market supply of life necessities; to monitor and analyze market operation and commodity supply and demand, investigate and analyze commodity price information to make forecasts, issue early warnings and provide guiding information; to be responsible for major consumer goods reserve management, market regulation and to supervise and regulate the distribution of major means of production in accordance with relevant regulations.

6.     To draft and implement policies and measures for promoting the transformation of foreign trade development patterns; to review, supervise and regulate import and export plan and quota for key industrial products, raw materials and key agricultural products (except grain and cotton) in accordance with relevant regulations; to guide trade promotion activities and the development of the foreign trade promotion system.

7.     To draw up and implement import and export development planning and policies for mechanical and electrical products; to adjust import and export structure of mechanical and electronic products according to China’s industrial policies; to take charge of import and export declaration, verification and administration of mechanical and electrical products, guide and coordinate exports of complete sets of large equipment, and organize enterprises to explore international market for mechanical and electrical products; to supervise and coordinate international bidding work of mechanical and electrical products from Shandong province.

8.     To draft and execute development plans and policies concerning trade in technology; to implement “Prosper Trade through Science and Technology” strategy and take charge of high-tech products trade promotion work; to guide and manage processing trade and verify processing trade business in accordance with the regulations; to be responsible for import and export management of dual-use items and precursor chemicals, export control and end-users management according to regulations; to push forward import and export trade standardization.

9.    To lead the efforts to draft development plans for trade in services and carry out relevant work; to work with relevant departments to formulate and enforce the plans and policies for promoting services export and services outsourcing development; to facilitate the construction of services outsourcing platforms.

10.   To cooperate with relevant departments to draft and implement local comprehensive coping program after China’s accession to the WTO; to provide advisory services on WTO related rules and agreements; to organize and coordinate the work pertaining to antidumping, countervailing, safeguard measures and other issues; to guide and coordinate enterprises to investigate anti-dumping, countervailing and safeguard measures launched for import products; to set up a fair trade early-warning mechanism for import and export; to assist MOFCOM to organize foreign trade barrier investigation and industry injury investigation; to guide and coordinate domestic efforts in responding to industry security inquires; to take part in anti-monopoly investigation according to related laws.

11.   To guide and manage Shandong provincial efforts in foreign investment; to draw up provincial development programs and policies to attract foreign investment; to review and approve, according to relevant authorities, the establishment and changes thereafter of foreign-invested enterprises in Shandong province; to supervise and inspect the enforcement of laws, regulations, contracts and statutes by foreign-invested enterprises and coordinate the solution of relevant issues; to guide foreign investment promotion.

12.   To formulate and implement Shandong provincial “Going Out” development program and policy; to study and work out administrative measures and specific policies guiding Shandong’s outward investment; to verify and approve Shandong-based companies to invest outward and set up overseas establishments in accordance with laws (excluding financial companies); to take charge of specific work undertaken by Shandong Provincial Implementing “Going Out” Strategy Coordination Leading Group Office.

13.  To be responsible for foreign economic cooperation and foreign aid work; to guide and monitor overseas project contracting, labor service cooperation and other foreign economic cooperation business; to verify the operation qualification of overseas project contracting; to examine the operation qualifications of foreign labor service cooperation; to take in charge of protecting the rights and interests of Chinese citizens providing labor services or taking up jobs overseas according to regulations; to verify and administer Shandong’s aid-providing projects in foreign countries and regions; to manage funds in the nature of Shandong's official foreign assistance, the grant aid provided to Shandong through multilateral and bilateral channels and foreign civil organizations (excluding the grants provided by foreign governments and international financial institutions under the framework of fiscal cooperation) and other development cooperation programs.

14.   To cooperate with relevant departments to draft development program and policies for Shandong provincial economic development zones, bonded ports, bonded areas, export processing zones, bonded logistics center, etc.; to take charge of the approval and report of establishment of state-level economic and technological development zone; to be responsible for comprehensive coordination of provincial economic development zones and implementation of industrial development planning; to be responsible for comprehensive evaluation, statistics and assessment of economic development zones.

15.   To develop the economic and trade relations between Shandong province and relevant international economic organizations, foreign local governments, sister provinces (states, counties) and sister cities, establish commercial and trade liaison mechanisms and carry out related work; to guide economic and trade activities with the countries with no diplomatic ties before; to advance economic and trade cooperation with Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan region, organize and implement the direct trading activities with Taiwan.

16.   To be responsible for the approval and administration of Shandong-based representative offices of non-enterprise economic organizations from foreign countries, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan; to take charge of organization and coordination work of domestic and overseas major commercial affairs; to process visa applications for foreign businessmen and to be responsible for the approval of overseas business visits of the commission and its affiliated organizations.

17.   To undertake other assignments entrusted by Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Shandong Provincial Government.

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