Yantai North Home Textile Co., Ltd.

Date: 2017-04-19 10:28:56, Source: Department of Commerce of Shandong Province
Yantai North Home Textile Co., Ltd.
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Yantai North Home Textile Co., Ltd.

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North Home

Yantai North Home Textile Co., Ltd. was Yantai Wide Width Fabric Mill from restructuring in 2002.

Since its foundation, the company has become a large extra-width indoor decorative cloth and bedding manufacturer integrating weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing process under the supports of levels of governments and industry leaders. Covering the area of 102,600 m2, North Home now has 1206 employees and possesses total assets of 340 million.

It owns 300 looms including air jet, rapier and shuttle loom to guarantee short lead time from sourcing in capacity of eight million meters per year. Two dyeing lines and one twelve-color-screen rotary printing line handle 30 million meters every year. With six finished product processing workshops, we professionally manufacture bed sheet, fitted sheet, pillowcase, pillow-sham, duvet, quilt and series of home textiles and output fifteen million sets every year. More than 90% of our products have been exported to America, Canada, Australia, EU countries and regions. In 2007, the export sales reached USD 100 million.

Yantai North Home Textile Co., Ltd. possesses its own trademark “North Home”. Since 2003, it has been keeping first in exporting bed sheets worldwide.

Since foundation, the company constantly strengthens technique reform. Focusing on improving product level, energy conservation and emission reduction, we invested RMB 13,460,000 totally and increased new printing and dyeing equipment, heat recovery unit, water softening system and other equipments with the concept of environmental protection. The use effect of all these equipments is quite good.

After several years of development, North Home’s status and comprehensive strength has rose greatly and the export capability is growing year by year. In order to expand export, on one hand, the company keeps improving the quality and grade of export products through strengthening product development and design. We have developed 160 single yarns and 1000 high-grade pure cotton satin fabrics. On raw material, we actively use new materials, such as bamboo fiber, soybean fiber, wood pulp fiber, etc. On function, we develop and produce products with anti-wrinkle, anti-dust, absorbing sweat and other functions. On the other hand, we maximize saving energy and reducing consumption to ensure the maximum profit for the company by strengthening internal management and tapping internal potential. 

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