Zhucheng Xingmao Corn Developing Co., Ltd.

Date: 2018-10-26 01:51:23, Source: Department of Commerce of Shandong Province
Zhucheng Xingmao Corn Developing Co., Ltd.
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Zhucheng Xingmao Corn Developing Co., Ltd.

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Established in July, 1993, after years of development and innovation, Zhucheng Xingmao Corn Developing Co., Ltd. becomes a state level agricultural industrialization key leading enterprise with total assets of 11 billion yuan and more than 10 thousand employees. Currently it is the largest corn deep processing enterprise in China. The company can process 6 million tons of purification corn and form the annual production capacity of more than 4 million tons of corn starch, 300,000 tons of degeneration starch, 200,000 tons of corn protein powder, 150,000 tons of refined corn oil, 280,000 tons of and corn germ cakes, 900,000 tons of and spray corn skin, 800,000 tons of high maltose pulp, 300,000 tons of maltodextrin, 100,000 tons of non-dairy creamer, 60,000 tons of lysine, 250,000 tons of glucose, 20,000 tons of fructcose, 50,000 tons of sorbitol, 3000 tons of  erythritol and 300,000 tons of sodium gluconate and 6000 tons of inositol. Currently it becomes the largest starch and modified starch production enterprise in Asia and the world’s largest manufacturer of inositol.

The company got the honors of “China Well-known Trademark” and “Shandong Provincial Quality Management Award” and passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000, HACCP, KOSHER, HALAL, ROHS and other certifications. It is an “AAAA” level enterprise with national standards of good conduct, and approved by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). The company created 3 Chinese brand-name products and 5 Shandong famous brand products. Our products sell well in the domestic market, and also are well received by customers from the United States, Japan, Korea, Poland, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, South America, more than 60 countries and regions.

The company is a national high-tech enterprise and China patent Shandong star enterprise. We have presided, completed and implemented national “Tenth Five-year Plan”, “Eleventh Five-year Plan”, “Twelfth Five-year Plan” “National Achievement Transformation Plan”, “National 863 Plan”, “National Spark Plan”, “Shandong Province Technology Research Plan”, “Shandong Province Independent Innovation Project”, more than 30 more than items, etc. The company authorized 34 patents and completed 22 major scientific research achievements, of which 11 items reached international leading level, won more than 20 more than items of national, and provincial and industrial technology awards, participated in 17 national standards and 1 industry standard-setting, which made outstanding contributions to the development of starch.

In future, the company will stick to the development policy of “make corn starch industry as the main business, strength starch processing industry, face the global market and create world famous brand”. Taking technology as navigator, innovation as motivation, we will constantly increase the research and development of high-tech products, and build the company into the world’s most competitive corn starch and deep processing enterprise.

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