Weihai Haima Carpet Co., Ltd.

Date: 2018-11-19 01:59:40, Source: Department of Commerce of Shandong Province
Weihai Haima Carpet Co., Ltd.
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Weihai Haima Carpet Co., Ltd.

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Weihai Haima Carpet Co., Ltd., whose predecessor is Weihai No.1 Carpet Factory, is established in 1958 and major in manufacturing hand-made carpets. It was the largest national sentinel carpet export enterprise at that time. Being abundant in capital reserve, Haima had procured over 480 sets of carpet manufacturing equipments from UK, USA, Belgium and many other foreign countries that present the most advanced technologies in 1990s. It produces all kinds of high and middle grade Axminster Carpet, Wilton Woven Carpet, Machine Tufted Carpet, Printed Carpet, and so on with the capacity of more than 10million square meters per year.

Now the company has 2600 employees which include more than 490 college degree or above professional and technical personnel. AndHaimaCarpetTechnologyCenteris the first provincial grade technology center. Now it has 120 designers and developers including 11 senior engineers, 4 senior masters of art and 18 industrial artists.

   In recent years, Weihai Haima Carpet Co., Ltd. has gained more than 50 honors and certifications. They are as follows:

China Famous Brand

Shandong Famous Brand

Shandong Enterprise Complying with Contract & Keeping Promise

May Day Merit by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions

The first one who won the title of the National First-Class Enterprise in Chinese carpet industry

The first one who obtained the ISO9001 International Quality System Certification in Chinese carpet industry

With 50-years’ development, Haimanese are always insisting on the concept of “managing business, repaying society, being sincere and confident, being happy in Haima”, as well as the concept of “manufacturing the top quality products”. Every Haima person is hardworking, pragmatic and innovative. Depending on the excellent quality, Haima has created its carpet a world-famous national brand.

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