Shandong Wonder Group Co., Ltd.

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Shandong Wonder Group Co., Ltd.
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Shandong Wonder Group Co., Ltd.

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Founded in 1998, Wonder Group is mainly engaged in international grade household design, international and domestic trade, dyeing/printing, home textile production, real estate, etc.

Its home textile is placed forefront of China 500 strong enterprises of home textile and apparel industry.

The international grade household design creative center collaborates European and American household design creative resources, and has many European and American international household designers.

Wonder Group’s international home textile market cover Europe, America, Australia, BRIC countries, Japan, Korea and South Asia. Wonder products are so popular in the western countries. You can find Wonder products in the high-end department stores in the western developed countries which specially have got the favor from the western elites and have gained high popurlarity and reputation.

Wonder Group’s domestic market has two big brands: one is Wonder Home, and the other is WON&WON.

K-mac ecological home textile technological park plans to get dyeing and printing capability yearly at about 100 million meters, owns 16 colors of most advanced Zimmer printing machines from Austria and the domestic first class dyeding production line. K-mac dyeing and printing fabric sells very well at home and abroad.

Our home textile products cover bedding, window, kitchen, bath and furnishing products. The company becomes one of the manufacturers having the most diversified home textile products and the most production advantage.

Wonder Group has been granted the home textile products design gold award for 4 years and gained more than 100 national patents. It is “China FIVE Star Enterprise from Shandong PR”, “The First Batch of Shandong Province Demonstration Unit of Industrial Tourism” and also “The Only One National Price Construction Credit Unit of Shandong Province”.

Wonder Group develops rapidly mainly resulted from rich Wonder culture and standardized and scientific system management that is the sustainable development root to realize conglomeration, diversification and internationalization. Wonder culture will lead Wonder people to create new wonders to realize Wonder development vision.

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