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Doublestar Group Co., Ltd.
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Doublestar Group Co., Ltd.

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Doublestar Group is a traditional rubber enterprise with a history over 90 years which is the only one state-owned listed company in the tire industry of Shandong Province now.

Doublestar focused on shoes and clothes business before 2008. Then it completely turned to produce tire and mechanical equipment after 2008. Doublestar started the second undertaking in 2014. It has determined a development target of “creating a world famous brand” and a strategic guideline of “best, developing and opening”. An international business group is formed gradually with integrated pillar industries like tire & machinery and emerging industries like real estate, O2O and basketball.

Doublestar Tire is a world-renowned tire supplier which gathers world-class tire experts. With the concept of “developing user resources but not just products”, Doublestar develops high end, high differentiation, high value-added products and improves capacity for independent innovation and core competitiveness. It participates in drafting Green Tire Technology Specification of China Rubber Industry Association. It owns state-level quality testing center, with products passing world-class system certificates, including ISO/TS16949 quality management system certification, China Compulsion Certification (3C) and Economic Commission of Europe (ECE), etc. Doublestar has established cooperative relationships with many leading automobile makers in China and became one of their major strategic suppliers, such as FAW, SAW, SAIC, BAW, SINOTRUK, Shanxi Automobile Group, and so on. Doublestar tires are exported to more than 140 countries and regions of Europe, the U.S., SEA and Middle East, etc. It is one of the biggest tire enterprises entering the global market.

Doublestar Machinery, among Top 500 Chinese machinery companies, is a national high-tech enterprise. It combines scientific research, design, manufacture, installation & commissioning as well as consultation service. It is a comprehensive mechanical manufacturer covering foundry mechanical equipment, rubber and plastic mechanical equipment, environmental mechanical equipment and digital tire mold. Aiming to build a world famous mechanical equipment enterprise and provide most valuable mechanical equipment for users, Doublestar Machinery has developed and researched over 30 new products which fill domestic blank and substitute the imports. Meanwhile, more than 100 kinds of technology have obtained national patents. By integrating and innovating the world’s most advanced technology of “information communication, electronic control and intelligent equipment”, Doublestar devotes itself to providing the world’s most leading industry 4.0 overall solutions and intelligent equipment for Chinese tire enterprises.

Chinese tire industry has been arrived at an “industrial inflection point” in recent years. To lead the market in the course of a new round of tire industry reform, Doublestar makes a rush and grasps the opportunity on the back of Qingdao government’s new deployment of “removing the bird in cave, rising phoenix” for old state-owned companies. It takes business mode innovation as the center, promotes “3 Transformations” strategy and practice Industry 4.0. Doublestar starts environmental moves of tire and machinery, transforms traditional thoughts and innovates new culture theory, transforms operating mode and speeds up the recreation and standard quantization of system, flow and informatization, transforms developing mode to create user demand and achieve orders. It accelerates “3 Transformations, 2 Ecospheres” industrial IoT strategy promotion, innovates market segmentation, organization platform and operation unit, and creates “Service 4.0” ecosphere and “Industry 4.0” ecosphere.

“Service 4.0” ecosphere (intelligent service) is establishing an opening Service 4.0 automobile aftermarket ecosphere through Doublestar Tire. Select core group as target consumer, establish an opening online and offline system which reaches the consumers directly via integrating social resources. The Expressway goes across the whole nation and “Star Monkey” reaches everywhere. Online and offline are integrated to realize no-slot joint. The order information will drive the operation of material flow, finance flow and service flow. The interaction, experience, transaction, selection, service and evaluation will create demand and consumer. 

“Industry 4.0” ecosphere (intelligent manufacture) is establishing a manufacture ecosphere of tire and tire manufacture equipment, solution and standard. Doublestar takes the lead in building “Tire Industry 4.0 Pilot Plant” and “Tire Manufacture Intelligent Equipment Base” in Dongjiakou Economic Zone, West Coast New District, Qingdao and creates an IoT ecosystem. It realizes “Product Customization, Process Automation, Enterprise Interconnection and Manufacture Intelligence” and achieves “High Quality, High Efficiency and High Energy Efficiency” of tire production. Doublestar provides intelligent equipment, overall solution and standard service for the industry. Meanwhile, Doublestar is establishing five guarantee systems to meet the demand of strategy, including second undertaking center, O2O big data center, global R&D center, national testing center and national proving ground center.

Doublestar is changing “New Normal” to “New Leading”. It will try its best to realize the second undertaking and create a world famous brand as early as possible. Meanwhile, it will build a tire industry IoT ecosphere with unique characteristics!

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