Shandong Shifeng(Group)Co., Ltd.

Date: 2018-11-13 08:42:32, Source: Department of Commerce of Shandong Province
Shandong Shifeng(Group)Co., Ltd.
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Shandong Shifeng(Group)Co., Ltd.

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Shifeng Group was established on May18th, 1993. The group covers an area of 213 hectares. Its total assets are 6 billion Yuan RMB and it has 30,000 employees. The leading products include 3-wheel trucks, low-gear trucks, light trucks, electric automobiles, tractors, engines, combined harvesters and tyres. The mother company, Shandong Shifeng (Group) Co.,Ltd., has 5 industry gardens, 5 co-invested companies and son companies. Besides, the group has set up the post-doctorate scientific research workstation and Shifeng Central Research Institute.

Shifeng Group is standing in 424 place among 500 strongest enterprises of world mechanicals in 2010, 41 place among 500 Chinese machinery industry, 280 place among 500 large-sized enterprises in competitive power in China. The Brand of Shifeng is valued 10 billion Yuan RMB. Shifeng Group possesses more than 1500 selling sites and over 2000 completed enterprises. The supplying & fitting network and marketing network has been formed all overChina. All the products are sold well to over 50 countries including America, Mexico and Albania.

Shifeng Central Research Institute is a state enterprise technology developing center. It also has 12 research departments and 2500 technicians. It is the biggest CAD model base for 3-wheel trucks, low-gear trucks. More than 1000 items of scientific & research results have been conferred the State patents. The production ability of strike, welding, painting, assembling, machinery processing, casting and heat-processing ranks first in the same industry of China.

The sales volume of the fittings marketing company of Shifeng Group amounts to 500 million Yuan RMB yearly. It is the biggest agricultural vehicle fittings collection and distribution center in China. Shifeng Group has already formed the productivities yearly of producing 1.2 million sets of agricultural cars, 50,000 sets of light trucks, 1.2 million sets of engines, 300,000 sets of tractors, 8.8 million sets of tires, 200,000 sets of electric automobiles and 10,000 sets of combined harvesters.

The strategy plan of Shifeng Group includes: Further carrying out the guide spirit by the General Secretary Xi Jinping and the leaders of State inspecting Shifeng Group, Circling “One Strategy Target”, Building “Four Large Industries Zone”, Speeding up the construction paces of agricultural vehicle, the light trucks, tyre, thermo-electricity and agricultural equipment industries and advancing into the rank of 500 strongest enterprises in the world as soon as possible.

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