Shandong Bittel Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Shandong Bittel Electronics Co., Ltd.
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Shandong Bittel Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Shandong Bittel Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989, which is the only hotel phone supplier in the world integrating R&D, manufacture and sales. Being awarded the First National Brand of China Hospitality Industry and signed the long term strategic cooperation relationship with many international hospitality management groups\PBX brands, Bittel has become one of the world famous hotel phone brands and taken up to 70%~80% domestic market share.

The newest guestroom multimedia product-UNOMedia was fully researched and developed by Bittel, which could completely take the place of the following five guestroom digital necessities: hotel phone, radio, alarm clock, stereo speaker and iPhone/iPod dock. By integrating the necessities in one, UNOMedia changed the hotel phone dilemma and was recognized by high end hotels. The latest new product-MediaFi (for nightstand) also integrated Bittel’s well-known multimedia connectivity panel, achieving the replacement of six digital necessities.   

Bittel factory covers an area of 7 hectares with more and 600 employees and 7000m2 of workshop. More than 150sets of high-tech machines include high-speed SMT soldering machine, wave soldering machine, automatic component plug-in machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, etc. Bittel has a 5000m2 canteen, living and sports center and annual multi-featured enterprise culture activities like Cherry Blossom Festival, Happy Sports Meeting and Thanksgiving Festival, etc. 

All the Bittel brand products have domestic network access approval, CCC approval and passed FCC, CE, ETL, RoHs, etc. international quality or safe approvals.

Major Awards for Bittel:

Shandong Province Famous Brand, High and New Tech Enterprises, Shandong Province 50 Important Hi-tech Products Export Enterprises, Global Hotel Five Star Golden Diamond Award---Top Ten Brand Suppliers in Chinese Hotel Industry, Medal of Provincial Level Enterprise for Good Faith Obeying Contracts and Agreements, Medal of The Most Influential Hotel Supplier Brand for 30 Years, etc.

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