Qingdao Bright Moon Seaweed Group Co., Ltd.

Date: 2018-10-24 08:37:16, Source: Department of Commerce of Shandong Province
Qingdao Bright Moon Seaweed Group Co., Ltd.
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Qingdao Bright Moon Seaweed Group Co., Ltd.

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Bright Moon

Located in Jiaonan-Qingdao west coast economic district, Qingdao Bright Moon Seaweed Group Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest seaweed processing enterprises in China, and is the largest manufacture company for seaweed biological products, as well as the key enterprise supported by Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone Construction Project. During over 40 years’ innovation and development, now our company has become a high-tech enterprise with a unity of alginate salt, sugar alcohols, marine biotechnology industry and thermoelectricity cogeneration. The main products include sodium alginate, PGA, alginic acid, mannitol, sorbitol, iodine, seaweed fertilizer, ocean cosmetics, seaweed fiber, etc. which rank top of the same industry in the world. Our production facilities are in the lead globally, and informatization software is our management style.

Recently, based on the platform of blue economy, Bright Moon Group takes full use of marine scientific research and makes itself develop toward “Deep Blue” with principal lines of pattern changing and structure adjusting. The company has national level technical center and is responsible for 15 items of national level projects including national technical support plan, national 863 plan, etc., and has developed over 80 new products including marine drugs, food ingredient, medical dressing of seaweed fiber. Bright Moon Group got awards of famous trademark of China, National Innovation Enterprise, National 863 plan industrialization base, China Ocean Research Center Industrialization demonstration base, and the model company of National agricultural product processing. Products are sold well both at home and abroad. The sale revenue of 2011 is RMB 1.89 billion with taxes of RMB 85 million.


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