Lu Thai Textile Co., Ltd.

Date: 2018-11-19 07:52:46, Source: Department of Commerce of Shandong Province
Lu Thai Textile Co., Ltd.
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Lu Thai Textile Co., Ltd.

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Lu Thai Textile Co., Ltd. is a foreign-invested joint stock enterprise, and a listed company of Share A and Share B. With the total asset of RMB 7.75 billion and the net asset of RMB 5.47 billion, it owns 31 production factories specializing in yarn spinning, bleaching, cloth weaving, finishing, garment production, etc. and 8 holding subsidiaries. The main products of the company include four series comprising of combed yarns, color-woven fabrics, piece-dyeing fabrics and shirts. At present, the company owns 580,000 spindles and 84,000 doubling spindles. It has the annual output of color-woven fabrics of 174 million meters, piece-dyeing fabrics of 60 million meters and 20 million shirts. In 1993, the company completed the transformation of the shareholding system, issued 10 million staff shares, and became the first foreign-invested joint stock enterprise in Jiangbei approved by the original Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau. In 1997, as one of the six largest color-woven product manufacturers in Asia at that time, Lu Thai issued 80 million shares of foreign-invested Share B and collected HKD 154.4 million. In 2000, Lu Thai issued additional 50 million shares of Share A, and was made to become the largest production base of high-grade color-woven fabrics globally. The company owns many brands including “Luthai”, “Luthai·Griffin”, “Bessshirt”, etc.

The company consistently puts human first, makes efforts to build an echelon formation of excellent talents, actively gets involved in social public welfare undertaking, and tries to establish a harmonious society. The company has won the honorary titles successively including “the National May 1st Labor Merit Certificate”, “National Excellent Taxpaying and Turnover Performance Enterprise with Foreign Investment”, “Enterprise with Level AAA in Evaluation of Enterprise Credit”, “Advanced Enterprise in the Implementation of Outstanding Performance Mode in National Textile Industry”, the first “Provincial Governor’s Quality Award in Shandong Province”, the first group of “Demo Enterprise Implementing Social Responsibility in Shandong Province”, “Advanced Collective in National Textile Industry”, “Grand Award for Management Innovation Achievements in National Textile Industry in 2011”, etc.

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