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 Inspur Group
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Inspur is the leading supplier of overall solution to cloud computing in China. It has formed the service capability of overall solution covering three levels of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, built leading cloud computing infrastructure platform for customers replying on the Inspur high-end server, mass storage, cloud operating system and information security technology, and fully supported the intelligent government, enterprise cloud and cloud construction of vertical industry based on Inspur government affairs, enterprise, industry information-based software, terminal products and solution.

Inspur Group owns three public companies of Inspur Information, Inspur Software and Inspur Int’l. Its business covers the five major groups of computer, software, intelligent terminal, mobile communication and semi conductor and provides IP products and services to more than thirty countries and regions in the whole world to satisfy the information-based requirements of government and enterprises all round. In 2011, it realized the sales revenue of 36,680,000,000 yuan, and ranked thirteen among the one hundred best enterprises in electronic information industry in 2011, the top two IT enterprises in China as to comprehensive strength, second in Chinese self-owned brand IT service providers and the first in Chinese self-owned brand software manufactures, and the third among the best five hundred Chinese big enterprise groups as to competitive power. It gained important honors such as “Prize for Cloud Computing Innovative Model Enterprise”, “Prize for Demonstrating and Applying Cloud Computing Customers Demonstration”, “Prize for the Outstanding Contribution to Cloud Computing in Information Industry 2011”, and so on.

The Inspur server has been keeping the first sales volume of domestic brands for 16 years continuously. The Inspur storage has been the first of sales volume of national brands for 8 years continuously. The market share of Inspur group management software has been the first for 9 years continuously. The sales volume of Inspur tax control machine has been the first for 9 years continuously.

Over the years, Inspur has created the style of its own among Chinese IT brands with its advanced technology and unique comprehensive strength of software and hardware, and has been in the crucial stage of Chinese information industry development and has leading the development of Chinese information industry.

Inspur is one of the earliest IT brands in China. On the 60s of last century, the predecessor of Inspur—Shandong Electronic Equipment Factory started the production of computer peripherals and low-frequency high-power tubes. In 1970, the first artificial satellite in China “Red East 1” adopted the transistors produced by Inspur as its electronic components.

Since then, Inspur has stepped on IT journey based on the technological innovation for more than 40 years. Inspur has maintained the philosophy of innovation and leaded the development of Chinese IT industry with its extremely forward-looking technical breakthrough in several important historic stages of Chinese information industry development.

——In 1983, the first Inspur microcomputer was produced in Jinan, which is the new beginning of Chinese IT development. The top three PC manufacturers represented by Inspur have brought Chinese PC industry to a new era with prosperous developments.

——In 1990, Inspur developed the first Chinese pager in the whole world, and established the first Chinese paging standard, which is still used nowadays.

——In 1993, the technicians of Inspur in Singapore developed the first minicomputer server of China. The present chairman and CEO of Inspur Group Sun Pishu hosted this development. During the following ten years, Inspur had broken the monopolization of foreign server manufacturers in China for years and had created a new era of China server industry. Ever since 1996, Inspur server has been ranking as the first brand of domestic servers for 15 years continuously.

——In September 2004, the Inspur servers broke the world record in commercial intelligent TCP-H, which was the first time for China servers breaking the world record and thus far. Inspur servers have broken or created world records in the world server field for six times successively.

——In 2005, Inspur 64-bit server obtained the second national prize for progress in science and technology, which was the highest scientific and technological progress award obtained by the IT technological achievements that year. On December 9th of the same year, the project “transaction-oriented cost-effective, high-performance server architecture design and optimization technology” of Inspur Group was awarded the 2005 highest award “Information Industry Award for Major Technological Inventions” in IT field.

——In 2007, the only one national key laboratory locating at corporate in IT field——the national key laboratory of Inspur high-performance server and storage technology was established at Inspur.

——In 2008, the major special project in information technology field “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” and “863 Plan”, ——“Inspur Tiansuo High-end Fault Tolerant Computing System Development and Application Promotion” project was set and approved.

——In 2009, the major special project in information technology filed “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” and “863 Plan”, ——“Inspur Mass Information Storage System and Application Demonstration” project was set.

——In 2010, the Inspur “high-performance server and storage technology Innovation Project” was awarded the “Prize for Enterprise Technology Innovation Project” of 2009 National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, “Tiansuo TS30000 High-end Commercial Server System” was awarded the second national prize for progress in science and technology and became the only one enterprise which gained both the technology products prize and enterprise prize in computer field.

——In 2010, Inspur took the lead in launching “Yunhai In-Cloud” cloud computing strategy and introduced the idea of “Industrial Cloud”, and launched the first self-developed cloud operating system in China.

——In 2011, the first Chinese 32-channel Fault tolerant computer self-developed by Inspur was finished developing.

——In 2012, the first Chinese PB grade mass storage self-developed by Inspur was checked and approved by Ministry of Science and Technology.

The enormous comprehensive strength of software and hardware makes Inspur become one of the most powerful IT brands in China. At present, Inspur is among the first batch innovative enterprises approved by Ministry of Science and Technology and owns the only one national key laboratory locating at corporate in IT field——the national key laboratory of Inspur high-performance server and storage technology, national information storage engineering technology research center, and the biggest and most advanced flexible server production lines and research center in the Asian-pacific region, it also owns the first batch certificated national grade enterprise technology center, national grade post doctorate work station of enterprise, and the first batch key software enterprise in national planning layouts. The inspur server is the “National achievements transformation base of 863 plan” and “national server industrialization demonstration project”. The Inspur ERP was listed in “EPR software suitable for Chinese condition” of national 863 plan, and the three projects of Inspur ERP, SCM and CRM were all nominated to national 863 plan. Inspur also established technology research and development centers in Hong Kong, Japan and USA Silicon Valley.

In order to let users enjoy easier, more convenient and more comprehensive IT services, the Inspur computing platform products corresponds to the application solution by the integration and application of the innovative integration of software technology and hardware technology, which greatly improves the compatibility, stability and maintainability of the user system.

Inspur also established strategic cooperative partner relationships with many excellent IT enterprises in the whole world. Through the cooperation of technologies, human talents and markets, Inspur provides advanced and complete IT application solution to industry users together with these excellent enterprises and creates leading technologies all together. Meanwhile, replying on the software and hardware products and IT services, Inspur went abroad rapidly, established research and development centers in USA, Japan and some other countries, and provides IT products and services to ten more countries and regions in Asia, North America, Latin America and Africa, it also established economic and trade cooperation zones and industry base in Venezuela.

As a large IT enterprise group with comprehensive strength of both software and hardware in China mainland, Inspur dedicates itself to the promotion of informatization construction of all industries in China, making IT application change people’s life and realize people’s dreams at unprecedented speed with innovative spirit and practical attitude. Inspur believes that practical attitude creates success, and innovation achieves future. Inspur will keep the innovative spirit as usual and serve users with new and high quality products continuously to make IT application promote the social development. Inspur is taking the hands of users to realize new dreams continuously with the passion of exploring the world. 

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