Jinan Qingqi Motorcycle Co., Ltd.

Date: 2018-11-13 08:54:02, Source: Department of Commerce of Shandong Province
Jinan Qingqi Motorcycle Co., Ltd.
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Jinan Qingqi Motorcycle Co., Ltd.

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The main motorcycle production factories of Jinan Qingqi Motorcycle Co., Ltd. (used to be company limited by shares) are Jinan Jinan Qingqi Motorcycle Co., Ltd., Jinan Qingqi-Suzuki Motorcycle Co., Ltd. and Jinan Qingqi-Peugeot Motorcycle Co., Ltd. Its main parts mating production factories are Jinan Qingqi Engine Co., Ltd. and Jinan Huicheng Casting Co., Ltd. Jinan Qingqi has formed a production line including two-wheeler, three-wheeler and general products from 25cc to 300cc. At the same time, Jinan Qingqi has the access to both of the two major technology systems: Japanese technology and European technology. Jinan Qingqi is in the definite leading position in Shandong motorcycle business. Meanwhile, Jinan Qingqi is also the earliest company in Chinese motorcycle spare parts business who started to build a professional production base. At present, Jinan Qingqi is already one of the key production bases in the world for the production of key parts for both motorcycles and cars.

Since its establishment in 1991, Jinan Qingqi started to pay attention to build a worldwide marketing system to take part in international competitions. Jinan Qingqi is a member of National Motorcycle Exportation Coordination Group and was elected as the vice chairman company for Chinese Chamber of Import and Export Trade motorcycle branch. Up until now, Jinan Qingqi brand has been registered in more than 90 countries and areas world widely. More than 80 kinds of QINGQI products have been exported to more than 80 countries and areas. Main products are successively exported to development countries including Europe, America and Japan, etc.

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