Himin Clean Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.

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Himin Clean Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.
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Himin Clean Energy Holdings Co., Ltd.

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Established in 1998, Himin Clean Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. is a industry cluster of solar energy carrying on testing, producing and marketing of optoelectronics, optothermal, solar buildings and bottle warming energy saving glasses. The main products are solar water heater, solar energy hot water system, high temperature thermal power generation, solar energy air conditioning, sea water desalination, photoelectric lamps and lanterns, bottle warming energy saving glasses, etc.

The company covers an area of 3,000 mu, with the world’s first automated vacuum tube production line and water heater production line, Himin built the international testing center of the world’s largest and most complete test items, the highest testing standards, 20 testing laboratories, and more than 200 sets of advanced testing equipment. The test report issued by the testing center has the same effect with the national authoritative testing organizations.

The company holds 658 items of national patents, undertakes and participates 132 items of national projects with the national “863” project, the national science and technology project plan, the state “torch plan”, and so on, and controls the core technology of the interference coating, high temperature thermal power generation, sea water desalination , etc.

Himin brand successively got the honorary title of “China Famous Trademark”, “China Famous Brand” and “China Environmental Label Product”. In 2008, the company won “Shandong Province High and New Technology Enterprise”. In 2010, the company has successfully held the “The Fourth International Solar Cities Congress”. In 2011, the company successfully applied the “National Solar Thermal Utilization Engineering Technology Research Center”, “The Talents Introduce Base of Solar Energy High Temperature Heat Utilization Industrialization”.

Himin puts forward the mission of “for the blue sky and white cloud of later generation, use qualified products to realize renewable energy substitution” and adheres to the value of “focus on sustainability”.

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