Qingdao Sentury Tire Co., Ltd.

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Qingdao Sentury Tire Co., Ltd.
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Qingdao Sentury Tire Co., Ltd.

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Qingdao Sentury Tire Ltd. is headquartered in Qingdao, China. Since getting into production in July 2009, Sentury continuously focuses on developing and producing environmental, high performance and best quality semi steel radial vehicle tire and aircraft tire. Sentury owns three tire brands, which are Sentury, Landsail and Delinte. At present, the two factories, which located in Qingdao and Thailand, have 27 million annual radial tire production capacities.

With the target of creating the world first class brand, Sentury has passed IS09001, ISO/TS16949, IS014001 and OHSA18001 certifications that fully covered product development, raw material supply, production process, logistics management, sales management, service, environment protection, employee health safety, and so on. “With expectation, strict management, perseverance, pursue excellence”, Sentury successively obtained China CCC, US DOT, EU E-mark, EU R-117, Brazil INMETRO, Gulf Country GCC, Indonesia SNI, India BIS, Nigeria SONCAP, Uruguay LATU and several product certification. In addition, Sentury is approved for National High and New Technology Enterprise, National Inspection Center, Qingdao Enterprise Technology Center, Qingdao Industry Design Center, Qingdao Aircraft Tire Engineering Laboratory.  

As a tire industry transformation model, Sentury successfully becomes an industry 4.0 producer which is the only tire industry 4.0 smart factory in China. Maximize the world most advanced tire manufacturing equipment efficiency by scientific workshop designing and machinery arrangement as well as depending on Sentury smart management system. Our company realized production intelligentialization, automation, informatization and individuation, combining operator, machinery, material, process, quality, energy all together to form a net which is used for business operating, automotive production and intelligent control system. Single machinery production rate rises 50%, qualification ratio reaches to 99.8%, labor cost decreasees 75% compared with same size traditional factory and land area requirement decreasees 50%.

 Sentury has wide range of tire category: PCR tire, UHP tire, SUV tire for large SUV, CUV tire, class C tire for commercial vehicles, A/T off road tire, H/T downtown off road tire, M/T tire, snow tire (with/without studs), RFT tire (winter/summer), all season tire, self-repairing tire, racing tire, and so on, approximately 1300 different kinds of products.

 Our company always sticks to the concept of "Independent R&D, Constant Innovation and Eye on Future". Sentury purchased the most advanced laboratory tester, manufacturing equipment and tire inspection machinery from US, Germany, Holland, Italy, and Japan. Moreover, Sentury’s R&D team pursues the best tire product and several research achievements are in the advanced status.  

Sentury is the unique Chinese producer which is capable to manufacture winter-summer all season tires.

Sentury is the unique Chinese producer which is capable to manufacture RV racing tire, F4 racing tire and Dakar racing tire at the same time .

Sentury is the unique Chinese producer which is capable to manufacture 34 inch tire and tire aspect ratio could reach 20.

Sentury is the unique Chinese producer which is capable to manufacture whole series of Run Flat Tire.

Sentury is the unique Chinese producer whose product’s rolling resistance and wet sliding could be ranked level A of EU E-mark.

Sentury is the unique Chinese producer which is certified by China Civil Aviation Administration for airworthiness certification, and also, Sentury is the unique editor of CTSO-C62e “Aircraft Tire” China Aircraft Technology Standard, in other words, Sentury is one of the few companies which obtained the core technology of aircraft tire. Currently, Sentury aircraft tire is used for Boeing 737-300/400/600/700/800/900ER. Both of front and rear tire have passed the test. The development of military aircraft tire has begun.  

The cooperation method of Sentury is “sincerely cooperate with partner tightly and build long term beneficial relationship in order to become the most reliable cooperation partners ”. Energetically develop domestic and foreign customer. Sentury’s customers located in Asian, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, almost 150 countries and area. Cooperate with a number of auto manufacturers and become to a main tire supplier, such as Jianghuai, Huachen Jinbei, Huachen Zhonghua, Huachen Xinyuan, Beiqi Yinxiang, Zhongtai, Lifan, Sichuan, Huatai, Weichaijialingjiang, Jili Zhidou, Nanjing Jinlong, Yujie.

Belt and Road strategy model Thailand factory began to operate in 2015 August; it is the most advanced industry 4.0 smart factory. In 2017, Sentury US tire production base will be built, the preparation is already on the way, at that time, Sentury could have 50 million radical tire production capacities and also 80 thousand aircraft tire annual production capacity in 2019. Sentury China, Sentury Thailand, Sentury US and aircraft tire manufacturing base will be Sentury’s "3+1 strategy".

“All of our efforts aim at providing a safe and comfortable life experience and continuously provide the best product to everyone” this is Sentury’s permanent mission as well as promise.

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