Weifang Hongwang Industry Trade Co., Ltd.

Date: 2018-11-21 02:36:00, Source: Department of Commerce of Shandong Province
Weifang Hongwang Industry Trade Co., Ltd.
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Weifang Hongwang Industry Trade Co., Ltd.

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Hong Wang Group was founded in 1989, is the design, development, production, sales as one of the major home appliances enterprise groups. Company under the three plants, covers an area of 89000 m2, 760 employees. Purchased from Japan complete with automatic tube production lines, coating, spraying, dip coating production lines 3, 26 sets of computerized injection molding machine, punching machine, automatic welding equipment, more than 70 professional and 22 professional designers and engineers.

The company over thirty five national patents, and has import and export right. Relying on innovative design, strong production capacity, modern enterprise management model has become China's largest household goods manufacturers.

Company's product categories include:

(1) clothes drying pole series;

(2) outdoor drying rack series;

(3) family room built-in hanger;

(4) towel drying rack series;

(5) bathroom shelf series;

(6) Kitchen shelf series;

(7) up bar, finishing shelf series;

(8) ironing board series;

(9) home ladder series;

(10) cleaning equipment series.

The company has passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality system certification. The company has "Hong Wang", "HOWO" own brand, has been selling the Americas, Europe, Africa, Japan, Southeast Asia, more than 70 countries and regions. In the well-known household brands to do the aspirations of the world, Hong Wang Group will continue to innovative design, excellent quality and excellent after-sales service to distinguished customers to long-term cooperation and development, and achieve win-win situation, create a better future.

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