Linghua Group Co., Ltd.

Date: 2018-10-26 01:35:44, Source: Department of Commerce of Shandong Province
 Linghua Group Co., Ltd.
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Linghua Group Co., Ltd.

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 Linghua Group Co., Ltd., which is located in Jining High-New Tech Industry Development Zone, was set up in 1979. It is a big national-class enterprise covering scientific and technological research and development, biotechnology, modern agriculture, international trade and real estate. The assets amount to nearly 4 billion Yuan with a state-level enterprise technical center. Linghua Group is composed of more than 10 companies including Linghua Shares, Liangshan Linghua, Chia Tai Linghua, Linghua Ajinomoto, Linghua Chengzhi, Lingao Science and Technology, Linghua Agricultural Technology, Linghua fertilizer industry and so on. The products expand to seasoning, amino acids, organic food, organic fertilizers, bio-feed, electric steam energy and other series over 100 varieties. Linghua Group is entitled as National Advanced Unit of Circular Economy, National Demonstration Enterprise of Clean Production, Key State Enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization, National IPR Pilot Enterprise, National Demonstration Base of Agricultural Product Processing Industry, National Exports Demonstration Enterprise of Agricultural Product Processing Industry, and National Trustworthy Enterprise. Linghua Group plays a leading role in the development of the industry in technological innovation, market development, branding, recyclingeconomic and other fields.

    Scientific and technological innovation--Linghua Group has participated in the national "863" project, Technology Support Program, Significant Industrial Technology Development Projects, Technological Innovation Capacity Building, and other projects totally more than 100 items; participated in the formulation of more than ten national and industrial standards. Brand value-- "Linghua" brand MSG has been awarded the "Great Hall banquet dedicated MSG", "China famous brand product", "green food". "Linghua" trademark was identified as "Most Competitive Brand in China" as well as a number of international qualifications. The assessed value of the trademark amounts to 3.249 billion Yuan. Linghua Group has built a global market network with an investment of 1.2 billion Yuan. Linghua products have been sold into more than 3,600 supermarkets in major cities, holding 16% market share. The products have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions. With a circular economy industrial chain of "farming - fermentation - bio-products (organic fertilizers, protein feed) - agriculture planting, breeding" the annual cycle of economic efficiency reaches 260 million Yuan.

    In the "Twelfth Five" period, following the development thought of "driving agriculture by industry, promoting industry by agriculture, industry, agriculture and business interacting in a virtuous cycle, urban-rural integration and regional cooperation, Linghua Group accelerates the implementation of industry, agriculture and business"113" project which refers to constructing a 10 billion bio-tech industrial zone, one million mu ( one mu equals 667 suqare meters) of eco-agriculture zone and demonstration base for safe food and building 30 billion trade logistics park. After completion, Linghua Group will become the largest national industrial and agricultural recycling economy park and green organic agricultural production processing and circulation base with 50 billion Yuan sales income and 4 billion Yuan profits and taxes.

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