Laiwu City

City Profile

Geographical Condition

Laiwu is located at the eastern foot of Mount Tai, 117° 19'~117° 58' E, 36° 02'~36° 33' N. It borders on Jinan in the north, adjoins Zibo in the east and connects with Tai’an in the west and the south. Its maximum distance from south to north is 58 kilometers and 56.8 kilometers from east to west. And it is 100 kilometers away from the provincial capital Jinan. The terrain of Laiwu is a semi-circular basin where the south is flattened, the north is steep and the basin protrudes northwards. It is surrounded by mountains to the north, east and south sides, and opens to the west side. Its middle part is named as Tailai plain which is low and undulating. Two-thirds of the total area of Laiwu is mountain land, and about one third is hill and plain. Laiwu is also called as “Phoenix City with Eight Treasures”.

Administrative Division

Laiwu, located in central Shandong Province, is an emerging industrial city. The city has the jurisdiction over two administrative districts-- Laicheng and Gangcheng and six provincial parks, with an area of 2246 square kilometers and the population of 1.3 million. Laiwu is awarded as “National Sanitary City”, “National Garden City”, “China Excellent Tourism City”, “National Double-support Model City” and “China Investment Environment Top 100 City”.

Climate Condition

Laiwu locates in the zone of continental monsoon climate of warm temperate zone, with distinctive four seasons. Its annual average temperature is 13℃, the precipitation is up to 695 mm, and frost-free period lasts for 187 days.

Natural Resources

42 kinds of minerals, including coal, iron, aurum, cuprum, lime rock, dolomite rock, granite and terrestrial heat are found in Laiwu. The iron ore reserves are 0.45 billion tons, which enables Laiwu to become an important iron ore producing area in Shandong province. And Laiwu has 0.35 billion tons of coal reserves. There are Huaneng Laiwu Power Plant and Huadian Laicheng Power Plant in Laiwu, whose total installed capacity for generating electricity is 2.2 million KW, and annual power generation is 12 billion kilowatt-hour, therefore Laiwu has become an important energy base in Shandong province. The 2x1 million KW unit project in Laiwu Power Plant is under construction, which will promote the development of enterprises in Laiwu by using much more stable energy supply. 

Historical Culture

Laiwu is one of the important cradles of Qilu culture. It has a 3,000-year history of smelting and the iron-smelting history reaches 2,000 years, as well as it is all the time the important iron-smelting center in Chinese history. In this region, the ruins of Qi Great Wall are 400 years earlier than the Great Wall of Beijing. In the Spring and Autumn Period, the famous Changshao Battle happened in Laiwu, leaving the story of “press on to the finish without letup”. During the War of Liberation, famous Laiwu Campaign home and abroad has become the classic example of mobile warfare. The local opera “Laiwu Clapper” is one of the key operas retained by our country with more than 300 years history. Its major work wins the “Five-one Project Prize” awarded by the Publicity Department of the CPC and “Wenhua Award” awarded by the Ministry of Culture. Laiwu is also the home of the famous writer Wu Boxiao.

Foreign-related Service Agencies

Bureau of Commerce of Laiwu City     Laiwu Foreign Investment Service Center

Address: No.1, North Wenhua Road, Laiwu City, Shandong Province, China

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Laiwu Complaint Center for Foreign Investors

Tel: 0086-634-6236333

Economic Situation

In 2014, the whole city has achieved a GDP of 68.8 billion yuan, with an increase of 8.8% over the previous year. The public finance budget revenue has achieved 4.96 billion yuan with an increase of 6.1%, and the proportion of tax revenue reaches 81.7%, with 2.8% higher than the provincial average. The demand pull is more balanced. The fixed assets investment in the whole city reached 54.5 billion yuan, with an increase of 15.4%.

Industrial Economy

Laiwu city boasts a sound industrial foundation and distinctive industrial characteristics. Known as “Green Steel City”, it is an important base for production and deep processing of steel in Shandong province. The steel industry plays a dominant role in Laiwu’s economy. As the largest production base of H-shaped steel and gear steel, it boasts three large iron and steel enterprises—Laiwu Steel Group Corporation, Taishan Steel Group Corporation and Jiuyang Group Corporation,with its citywide productivity amounting to 20 million tons. Coal mining, electricity, textile and machine manufacture are major non-steel industries in Laiwu city. Products like “combed yarn” have been pronounced as “Top Brand Products in China”. Laiwu is one of the eight production and exportation bases of auto parts as well as national base for industrialization of new materials with its production of high quality powder metallurgy materials ranking first in China. High-tech industries in Laiwu mainly include new materials, electronic information, new energy, fine chemical industry, etc.


With distinctive agricultural features, Laiwu is an important production base of special agricultural products. Ginger, garlic, Chinese prickly ash and juicy peach grow in profusion here. As “Home of Ginger in China”, “Home of Prickly Ash in China” and “Home of Juicy Peach in China”, it is also well known at home and abroad for the “Three Hot and One Spicy” (ginger, garlic, chicken-leg-like green onion and Chinese prickly ash) and the “Three Black and One Baikal” (Black Pig, Black Chicken, Black Goat and Long-haired Baikal Rabbit). The Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone is planned to be constructed here due to its advantage in agricultural resources.

Service Industry

Mainly constituted by logistics, trade and tourism, the municipal service industry makes up 35.5 percent of the GDP. There are five key service industry parks in Laiwu, Xueye Tourist Area, Qilu Steel Logistics Park, the “Three Hot and One Spicy” Distributing Park in Agricultural High-tech Industrial Zone, Commerce & Trade Logistics Park of Laicheng Industrial Area, Gangcheng Central Business Area. Xueye Tourist Area has been made the provincial level service industry comprehensive reform pilot area and the pilot unit for national tourist vacation areas in Shandong.

Humanities and Social Sciences

City Construction

The built-up area of the city is 130 square kilometers, and the urbanization rate is up to 59%. Laiwu has the supporting infrastructure and good investment environment. It has sound legal advice, talent exchange, social insurance, financial services, electricity, communication and other security and social services system. The education and health system has been improved increasingly. The facilities for production, living and management are all well-equipped, and the social order is good. The customs, port, inspection, quarantine and other foreign-related institutions are complete, and the supply of capital, land, labor and other production factors are adequate. At present, it is the city that has the least approval matters in Shandong province.

Education and Scientific Research

Laiwu city now has 14 academician workstations, and 22 provincial-level engineering and technological research centers. By the end of 2013, schools of all kinds at all levels numbered 227 in Laiwu. Among those schools, there were 2 institutions of higher learning, 55 regular high schools, 155 primary schools, 14 trade schools and 1 special education school. The schools of all kinds at all levels have 175 thousand students.  

Investment Environment

Lying in the middle of Shandong province, Laiwu has superior geographical conditions and a good traffic network. The city is located in the economic circle of provincial capital urban group in Shandong province. Laiwu is close to Jinan in the north, and neighbors Mount Taishan in the west. 12 national highways and provincial highways, as well as 4 expressways, i.e. Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, Qingdao-Laiwu Expressway, Binzhou-Laiwu Expressway and Taian-Laiwu Expressway, run through the whole city. If you drive from Laiwu City to Jinan International Airport, it only takes 40 minutes; if to Qingdao Harbor or Rizhao Harbor, 2 hours! Within the border of Laiwu, there are two railways, Xintai Railway and Donglai Railway. A railway whose function is to transport eastward the Shanxi Coal extending from Lyuliang of Shanxi to Rizhao of Shandong and runs through Laiwu, which will make Laiwu to grow into an important logistics base. An intercity light railway connecting Jinan with Laiwu is being planned, and it will be the first intercity rail traffic line in Shandong province. After it is completed, and if you leave for Jinan from Laiwu, this railway will take you to your destination only in 20 minutes. So Laiwu will become a traffic point city of Shandong province.  

Key Development Industry

According to the ideas of using the energy comprehensively, accelerating technological innovation, extending industrial chain and cultivating industrial clusters, in the next few years, the city will focus on promoting the development of steel production and deep processing, new materials, automobiles and parts, equipment manufacturing, new energy, energy-saving and environmental protection, electronics information, biology and medicine, special agricultural products deep processing, modern logistics and e-commerce, culture and tourism and other fields.

Key Parks

Laiwu High-tech Industrial Development Zone

Laiwu High-tech Industrial Development Zone was founded in 1992 with a total planned area of 100 square kilometers. More than 180 kilometers of road has been built in this region, with perfect road network and convenient transportation. It has established the leading all-digital transmission power station in the world, waterworks with advanced equipment, sewage treatment plant with full functions. Customs in Jinan has offices in this region, which can realize “port pass-through”. Laiwu has set up Laiwu Vocational and Technical College, Laiwu Technician College and other vocational education colleges and universities, which can cultivate 60,000 high qualified labors every year to meet the needs of different types of enterprises.

The development basis of the industry in High-tech Zone is strong. Initially it forms the five pillar industries of mechanical processing, electronic information, new materials, food and beverage, textiles and garments. There are 112 industrial enterprises above the designated size, 27 high-tech enterprises above the provincial level, in which five enterprises are above the state level. Its high-tech development indicator ranks the second in the 145 provincial-level development zones of Shandong province.

In the next few years, the High-tech Zone will focus on creating the six-largest leading industries that will exceed ten billion, that’s new energy, automobile manufacturing and parts, precision equipment, food and beverage, electronic information, biotechnology and new materials.

Xueye Tourist Area

The current planning area of Xueye Tourist Area is 236 square kilometers. US EDAW puts forward the conceptual plan, and engages the China Planning Institute to work out the overall plan. Not only there is the ancient Qi Great Wall with over 2,500 years’ history, but also the famous Kowloon Grand Canyon, as well as the beautiful and romantic Xueye Lake. Forest coverage rate reaches 70%, dotted by 46 bays with different sizes. The excellent and good rate of air quality reaches 100%, so it wins the good reputation of “Natural Oxygen Bar” and is also called the “Green Paradise” by the international environmental experts. The tourist area is the permanent venue for China International Aviation Sports Festival, and has established the Aviation Technology Sports Park with the total area of 1800 mu.

Xueye Tourist Area has introduced a number of projects, such as Evergrande Real Estate, Shandong Expressway Xueye International Resort, Hong Kong Haifeng Haiyi Mountain Villa, Shandong Xueye Modern Agricultural Technology Demonstration Park, Yacht Club and others. It initially forms a comprehensive tourist area integrated by leisure, culture tourism, and exhibition services in a whole.

Xueye Tourist Area aims to build Shandong lakeside eco-leisure resort center, mountain-water sports and meeting recuperation base, targeting to create the well-known eco-leisure and business travel resort in China, and develop a state-level holiday area.

Welcome all types of projects, such as cultural tourism industry, software development, and ecological health to invest in Xueye Tourist Area.

Laiwu Economic Development Zone (Stainless Steel Eco-industrial Park for Taishan Steel)

The total planning area of this region is 60 square kilometers, it is the accumulation area of stainless steel deep processing industry which is planned and constructed specially. The railway from central and southern part of Shanxi to Rizhao Port and the Beijing-Shanghai Highway go across the region. The region has built six vertical and five horizontal road network. Electricity, water, heating, gas, sewage and other pipe network has covered the whole region, fully meeting the industrial and civil needs.

Currently, it has initially formed the industry pattern leaded by the steel and stainless steel deep processing, modern equipment manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection, electronic information and new materials.

Relying on the production capacity of 600,000 tons stainless steel in Taishan Steel Group, the region has planned and constructed the Stainless Steel Eco-industrial Park for Taishan Steel with an area of 20 square kilometers. It strives to build the stainless steel industrial park with the largest scale, highest level, and the most complete industrial chain in the north region of Yangtze River.

Welcome all types of projects, such as steel and stainless steel deep processing, modern equipment manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection, new materials, modern service industry to settle in the Economic Development Zone.

Laicheng Industrial Area

The planning area of Laicheng Industrial Area is 150 square kilometers, which is the new city in northern part that we make our efforts to build. This region forms “One-ring, Two-axe, Eight Vertical and Eight Horizontal” road and traffic network, rich in electricity, heat, gas, water resources. It has established the Public Square, Administrative Center, Linma River Park, and plans to build a large number of public service facilities, like Five-star Hotel, Qilu Cultural Industry Park, Financial Street, High-tech Research and Development Center.

Laicheng Industrial Area focuses on developing the six leading industries, which are automobile parts, advanced manufacturing, new materials, new energy, electronic information and modern service industry. Now, there are more than 140 enterprises which are above the designed size, including 56 automobile parts enterprises, 32 advanced manufacturing enterprises, 17 new materials enterprises, 20 new energy enterprises, 10 electronic information enterprises and 8 modern service enterprises.

The area focuses on the development of machinery, electronics and other advanced manufacturing, trade logistics, agricultural and sideline products processing industry, and greatly promotes the development of new energy, new materials and other emerging industries. It strives to build a new city, with emerging industry clustering, flourishing trade and tourism, rich cultural heritage and beautiful ecological environment.

Welcome all types of projects, such as automobile parts, new energy, new materials, electronic information, advanced manufacturing and modern service industry to invest and develop in Laicheng Industrial Area.

Gangcheng Economic Development Zone

The planning area of Gangcheng Economic Development Zone is 54.5 square kilometers, which is divided into the northern and southern areas. Relying on the production capacity of 15 million tons steel in Laiwu Iron and Steel Group, the northern area has planned and constructed the Iron and Steel Deep Processing Industrial Park with a starting area of 20 square kilometers. The “Seven Connections and One Level”, greening and lighting are fully realized in this zone. Its planning layout is the “Four Parks and Three Zones” (“Four Parks” refer to Qilu Steel Logistics Park, Food Industrial Park, High-tech Industrial Park, Small and Medium Pioneering Park, “Three Zones” refer to Steel Deep Processing Zone, Comprehensive Industrial Zone and Commercial Core Zone).

The southern area is planned for Gangcheng High-tech Industrial Park with the construction area of 4 square kilometers. It is divided into “Six Zones and One Park” seven functional zones, including Electronic Information Industry Zone, New Equipment Manufacturing Zone, New Energy Industrial Zone, Residential Zone and High-tech Incubation Park.

Gangcheng Economic Development Zone has developed more than 400 various types of enterprises. It has formed four pillar industries, including iron and steel deep processing, electronic information, new equipment manufacturing, new energy saving and environmental protection. The annual output of flexible copper clad laminate is 12 million square meters, and the annual output of electronic PI film is 100 tons.

Gangcheng Economic Development Zone will strive to build an eco-environmental protection economic development zone with supporting foundation functions, distinctive industrial characteristic and powerful cluster competition. It aims to establish a national well-known steel production and deep processing base, modern steel logistics base, new equipment manufacturing base and new materials production base so as to create the largest electronic substrate production base in Asia.

Welcome all types of projects, such as iron and steel deep processing, modern logistics project and electronic information, new equipment manufacturing and new energy to invest and develop in Gangcheng Economic Development Zone.

Laiwu Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone

The total planning area of Laiwu Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone is 180 square kilometers, as one of the four provincial “Agricultural High-Tech Development Zones” of Shandong Province. It is the “Key Service Park of Shandong Province”, “Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation Base of Shandong Agricultural University”. The planning area in the core part of Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone is 35 square kilometers, and the area of “Seven Connections and One Level” reaches 15 square kilometers.

The Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone is an important base for planting, storage, processing and export of ginger and garlic in Laiwu. It has built 30,000 mu ginger and garlic standardized planting base, 100,000 mu demonstration base, 8 square kilometers processing base and 137 storage and processing enterprises above the designed size have settled there with the annual storage and processing capacity of 740,000 tons. There are two national leading enterprises, three provincial leading enterprises and eight municipal leading enterprises. Eleven enterprises have gained independent import and export rights and passed the GAP certification. Four enterprises have gotten the “Green Card”. It is the largest ginger export base in China.

The Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone will target to build the domestic first-class base for agricultural and sideline products production, processing, trade base and research center. The zone focuses on planning and building the standardized planting base based on ginger and garlic. It will primarily introduce deep processing project of the agricultural and sideline products with large scale, high technology and high extroversion. A trading platform will be planned to build which integrates e-commerce, information dissemination, logistics distribution in a whole in order to form the agricultural and sideline products circulation system of buying and selling in the whole world.

Welcome all types of projects, such as agricultural and sideline production processing, agricultural production logistics, e-commerce and others to settle in the Agricultural High-tech Development Zone.

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