Jining City

Overview of Jining City

City Profile

Jining is regarded as the hometown of Confucianism and capital of the Grand Canal Culture. With a long history and splendid culture, it is the birthplace of Confucius and Mencius and the one of the cradle of the ancient Chinese civilization. It fosters the far-reaching Confucianism which has a great impact on the development of Chinese and the human civilization. At the same time, Jining is an important commercial capital along age-old Grand Canal, which remained for two thousand years the primary transport channel connecting northern China with the southern part.

Today, Jining has become a most fascinating destination of tourism. As one of the industrial centers of Shandong province, it is also regarded as one of the most promising cities for investment.


Located in the southwest of the coastal province of Shandong in east China, Jining covers an area of 11,000 square kms and has a population of 8.47 million. It consists of 11 parts, i.e. Rencheng District, Yanzhou District, Qufu city, Zoucheng city, Sishui county, Weishan county, Jinxiang county, Jiaxiang county, Yutai county, Wenshang county and Liangshan county.

Jining is an important transport hub linking north China with South China, as well as coastal areas with inland areas. Jining itself and its adjacent areas are among China’s most economically active regions. Many major cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Qingdao and Xi’an, etc., are located within the reach of 500 kilometers. The circle also covers the most developed regions including Beijng-Tianjin Bohai rim, Shandong peninsula and the Yangtze River Delta. This circle has a population of about 600 million, indicating a large market.

Transport Network

5 Expressways: Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Fuzhou, Rizhao-Lankao, Jinan-Xuzhou, Rizhao-Heze;

3 Railways: Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Hong Kong, Xinxiang-Shijiugang. It takes only about 2.5 hours from Jining to Beijing and 3 hours to Shanghai by Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway. 

Sea Ports: 200km from Rizhao and300kmfrom Qingdao (both in Shandong province) and300 kmfrom Lianyungang (in Jiangsu province).

Airports: Jining Airport has launched about 15 domestic airlines to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang, Chongqing and Nanning, etc. Jinan International Airport is two hours’ drive away.

River Navigation: About 1,100 km of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal runs within the territory of Jining, which accounts for 80% of the transport capacity of the total of Shandong province. 

Telecommunication: Jining is equipped with complete data communication and broad band facilities. Jining has been listed among the first pilot cities in the National Information Consumption construction campaign.

Culture and Tourism

Jining is one of China’s most well-known tourist cities with two World Cultural Heritage Sites—The Confucius temple, mansion and mausoleum, and the Beijing-Shanghai Grand Canal. Besides, there are two counties named “National Famous Cultural and Historical Cities”, 36 national key cultural relic preservation spots and 206 of provincial level.

There are five well-known tourist zones in Jining:

1. Confucianism and Primitive Culture and Tourist Zone (Qufu and Zoucheng as the center)

2. Canal Culture Zone (Jining as the center)

3. Ecological Vacation and Tourism Zone---the Weishan Lake National Wetland Park and Taibai Lake Provincial Tourist Park

4. “Shui Hu” Tourism Zone---Mount Liangshan (where the famous Chinese literature classic “Shuihu” was set, which wrote about the peasant uprising in the Song Dynasty)

5. Buddhist Culture and Toursit Zone (Baoxiang Temple of Wenshang)

Natural Resources

Coal: One of the eight coal bases in China. Total reserve is 25 billion tons, accounting for 50% of the total amount of Shandong.

Power: Installed capacity is 9.2 million kw, accounting for 1/6 of the amount of Shandong.

Fresh Water: Total reserve is 6 billion tons, taking 17% of the total amount of Shandong. Weishan Lake, the largest fresh lake in North China, has a water reserve of more than 2 billion cubic meters.

Rare Earth: Exploited reserve is 13 million tons, taking the second place in China.

Limestone: Total reserve is 6 billion cubic meters.

Foreign-related Service Agencies

Jining Commerce Bureau (for general inquiry and first contact)

Website: www.jiningbusiness.gov.cn

Tel: 0537-2316184, 2317406

Fax: 0537-2348552

Email: jn2316184@163.com


Jining National New and High-Tech Industrial Development Zone

Website: http://www.jnhn.gov.cn

Tel: 0537-3255080

Fax: 0537-2363081


Jining Economic and Technological Development Zone

Website: http://www.jnetdz.com/

Tel: 0537-6981198

Fax: 0537-6981198

Email: kaifaqu6981198@163.com


Jining Taibai Lake Provincial Tourism and Vacation Zone

Website: http://bhdjq.jining.gov.cn/

Tel: 0537-2295737

Fax: 0537-2295737


Jining Rencheng District Economic Development Zone

Website: http://www.sdrc.net.cn

Tel: 0537-2635069



Yanzhou Economic Development Zone


Tel: 0537-3414505

Fax: 0537-3637505


Qufu Economic Development Zone

Website: http://www.qufukfq.com

Tel: 0537-4429989

Fax: 0537-4414818


Sishui Economic Development Zone

Website: http://www.sishui.biz

Tel: 0537-4266178

Fax: 0537-4266178


Zoucheng Economic Development Zone

Website: http://www.zcidz.com.cn.

Tel: 0537-5315569



Weishan Economic Development Zone

Tel: 0537-8239026

Fax: 0537-8239026


Yutai Economic Development Zone


Fax: 0537-3113608


Jinxiang Economic Development Zone

Tel: 0537-8702888



Jiaxiang Economic Development Zone


Fax: 0537-6866219


Wenshang Economic Development Zone

Tel: 0537-7220788

Fax: 0537-7220788


Liangshan Economic Development Zone

Tel: 0537-7367336

Fax: 0537-7367336


Shandong Yanzhou Industrial Park

Tel: 0537-3653051

Fax: 0537-3653051


Shandong Zoucheng Industrial Park

Tel: 0537-3653051

Fax: 0537-3653051

Humanities and Social Sciences


There are seven colleges and universities in Jining, namely, Qufu Normal University, Jining University, Jining Medical University, Jining Vocational Technology College, Qufu Fareast College and Shandong Career Development College, in addition to 57 secondary vocational schools. A large number of quality graduates are turned out every year who later become experienced management and research talents. Influenced by the philosophy of Confucianism, the working people demonstrate such virtues as honesty, loyalty, creation and diligence.

There are schools for foreign pupils in Jining such as Jining Confucius International School. Confucius Literacy Prize, set up by UNESCO, is the first international award named after a Chinese person.

Jining possesses all kinds of public cultural facilities like libraries, art galleries, culture galleries, museums and memorials.

Health and Medical Care

There are about 1270 health organizations in Jining. Among them, there are 133 hospitals,140 health centers, 14 specialized disease prevention and treatment institutions, 14 disease control centers, 13 women and children health care organizations, 2 medical colleges and 6 secondary medical schools. Jining First People’s Hospital and the Affiliated Hospital of Jining Medical College are qualified for providing service to foreigners.

Leisure and Recreation

Jining hosted 23 Sports Games of Shandong province and a large number of new sports facilities have been built or upgrades, fully meeting the demands of both local people and tourists. Jining has a large number of well-equipped star hotels, including Shangri-La, Shengdu International Convention Center, and other five star hotels. There are also famous hotels featuring Confucian or traditional Chinese culture themes, such as Hong Kong Hotel, Qufu Oriental Garden Hotel, etc. like. The Keyuan Clubhouse was built to cater to foreign guests, with multiple function facilities such as foreign-style apartments, restaurants, meeting rooms, cinemas, swimming pool and gym facilities, etc.

In addition, there are also modern shopping malls and international chain supermarkets such as Wal-Mart, AEON and RT-Mart and international fast-food brands like Starbucks, Pizza Hut, McDonald and KFC, etc.

Economic Development

Jining is the most important industrial city in southwest Shandong province and one of the key cities in foreign trade, investment and cooperation. In 2014, the GDP of Jining was RMB380 billion, ranking No.6 in Shandong province, and the local revenue reached RMB33.4 billion, ranking No. 5.

There are 2, 333 large and medium enterprises, seven of which have topped RMB10 billion in sales revenue. Five companies have become listed in stock exchanges in the US, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai. The production and sales of coal, power, garment, machinery and antibiotics take leading places in China.

Jining has won the following titles as an industrial center in Shandong:

*National Bio-Ttech Industrial Base

*National Construction Machinery Industrial base

*National New Textile Materials Base.

*National Photovoltaic Industrial Base

*National Trailer (Special Vehicle) Manufacturing Base

*Provincial Machinery and Truck Base

*Provincial Watercraft Manufacturing Base

Renowned Brands of Jining:

There are 37 “Famous Brands in China”, 154 “Famous Brands in Shandong province” and 67 national geographical indication brands. Ruyi Brand textiles and Lukang Brand medicine are designated by the Commerce Ministry of China as “Top Brands in Export.”

Equipment Manufacturing

Jining is a national engineering machinery manufacturing base. The machinery industry is headed by Shantui Group, Komatsu Shantui, Komatsu Fork-lifter, Shantui General Factory, Eaton Hydraulics, etc. The auto and parts industry is headed by Sino-Truk Jining Factory, Yanzhou Pirreli Tyre and ASC Liangshan Trailer. Jining is becoming the biggest base of engineering machinery, special vehicles, remodeling and heavy trucks in China.


Jining is a national Biotech industry base approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The biggest players include Cathey Biotech, Linghua Group, Xuehua Group, Deggussa, Qinghua Chengzhi, Ajinomoto, Chia Tai, etc. Main products are long chain diacid, lysine, glutamine, etc. Jining has become a major global production bases of lysine and monosodium glutamate.

Textile and Garments

Jining is a national new textile material industrial base and also the biggest top-grade spinning base. Main players include Ruyi group, Kartex, Morigin Textile, Euro-America Home Textile and Nogara Garment, which have made Jining a very important production base of cotton spinning, woollen, linen and synthetic. Production of quality suits, fashion clothes, casual clothes and home textiles have developed into large scale. Ruyi Group’s spinning technology and Morigin Textile’s compact spinning technology have won first and second prizes in National Technological Innovation.

New Energy and Materials

Named as “National Photovoltaic Industrial Base”, Jining is one of China’s major supplier for power and energy. A series of projects have been established in Jining in cooperation with the industry leader--United Microelectronics (Taiwan). From backing materials, epitaxial wafer, chip packaging to terminal utilization, a complete LED industrial chain has been set up, together with a photovoltaic product chain containing monocrystal silicon, polysilicon and solar energy cells, etc. With a 30MW demonstration power station and total industrial scale of 140 MW, Jining has become the largest film solar cell photovoltaic industrial base in Asia.

Medicine and Food Industry

Jining is one of the three bases for antibiotics production. The medicine industry is headed by Lukang Pharmaceutical, Luchang Chenxin,Shengli Inc, Huaneng Life Science, Liangfu Pharmaceutical, Ruitong Medical Equipment and so on. Main products are biological medicine, Chinese medicine, medicine raw materials, medical equipment, and so on.

The food industry is headed by Linghua Group, Xuehua group, Yutang Pickles, Yanjing Wuming beer, Sankong beer and Kongfujia Group. Main products are peanut, garlic, starch, vermicelli, aquatic products, vegetables, fruits, seasoning, stevioside and monosodium glutamate, etc.

Coal-chemical Industry 

Jining is a famous coal-chemical base in China. Main players in coal production and processing include Yankuang Group, Yankuang International Coking, Yankuang Guohong Chemicals, Jining Carbon, Sunlight Coal Chemicals, Minsheng Coking and Jinwei Coking.

Other Industries

Sun Paper and Huajin Paper are the two leaders in Jining’s paper industry. Pirreli Tire is world famous for rubber products. Jinglu Yijiu and other manufacturers form a competitive group in glove and garment making. Hongchang, Hongtai and other producers are nationally important processers of garlic. Zhenyu Foods and Fukang Foods are becoming giants of aquatic product processing. The watercraft industry in Weishan develops at a rapid speed.


The output of grains in Jining accounts for one tenth of the total amount of Shandong, aquatic water products 1/4 and livestock 1/3. Hence it is an important production and processing base of agricultural and subsidiary products. The output of garlic in Jinxiang reaches up to 600 thousand tons with an export volume of 400 thousand tons, taking 70% of national export volume.

Characteristic products include Jinxiang garlic, Weishan Sheldrake, Yutai Rice, Luxi Scalper and Small-Tailed Sheep, etc. 

Foreign Trade and Investment

Jining tries every effort to attract foreign investment. It has established stable economic cooperation relationship with more than 100 countries and regions. A total of 46 Fortune 500 companies have invested in Jining. In 2014, FDI was USD890 million and outward investment was USD 2.01 billion, taking the first place in Shandong province.Famous international companies in Jining include: HP, Komatsu, Meiji, Ajinomoto, InternationalPaper, Eaton, Kadant, Degussa, Siemens, Gerline, Pirreli, Savio, Peteer, Chatai, Daewoo, CJ, Vedan, Wilmar International, Sime Darby, Far East, UMC, Tiger Aluminium, China Recources, Bondex, Chartkar, etc.

Main Products for Export:

Agricultural and Subsidiary Products

Peanut, garlic and related products, honey, frozen pork, frozen beef, hog casing, starch and by-products, vermicelli, fresh and frozen aquatic products, preserved egg, salted egg, dehydrate vegetables, pickles, fruits, canned fruits, stevioside and monosodium glutamate.

Textile and Light Industry Products

Wool yarn, woolen cloth, towel, artificial cotton cloth, cotton and terylene fabric, Lu bricade, bedding, cotton and terylene costume, woolen costume, down coat and related products, knitted and woven carpet, cold-proof gloves, wicker work, rubber balls, toys, plastic products, paper and paper board, bicycle and health-care equipments.

Mechanical and Electrical Products

LED electronic components, photovoltaic cells , daylight lamp, accumulator, bulldozer and parts, excavator and parts, forklift, tractor and parts, trailer and fittings, special vehicles, heavy-duty trucks, tyres, water pump, water pump cover, oil-filter shell, valve body, wheels for both passenger cars and trucks, engineering vehicle wheels, thermostat, thermo switch, brake(-holder)block, piston, mine machinery products, dry-type transformer, steel nail and hardware products.

Industrial and Mineral Products

Cement of high index, aluminum extruded sections, able slab stuff and granite slab

Products of Chemical Industry and Medical Treatment

Coal tar, coke, benzene, naphthalene, potassium permanganate, alcohol, dye stuff, lysine, glutamic acid, medical towel, gauze, sanitation stick, spatula, industrial nicillin, streptomycin sulphate.

Key Investment Fields

Coal Chemical Industry

Give priority on coal coking and gasification. Coal coking is focused on fine benzene, naphthalene, anthracene oil, tar, UHP electrode, etc. Coal gasification is focused on methnol, daicel, aceticacid, acetate fiber, ethene, propylene, methyl carbonate and other clean energy products.

Machinery Manufacturing

Give priority on complete vehicles and key accessories, mining machinery, commercial vehicles, special vehicles, river ships and agricultural machinery, digital machine tools, power transmission systems, etc.

Biological Medicine

Give priority on biological drugs, new types of modern Chinese medicine and medical equipment, etc.

Medicine Food

Strengthen the product chains of seasonings, grease and oil, meat and poultry, aquatic products, vegetables and fruits. Foster famous brands.

Textile and Clothes

Strengthen the product chains of wool, cotton and synthetic spinning. Popularize advanced spinning technologies. Foster renowned brands of garment and home textile products.

Modern Agriculture

Ten highlighted sectors: garlic and onion, meat, egg and table ducks, milk and beef cattle, melons and vegetablesedible bacteriumplantlet osierhigh quality fruits, aquatic products, stevia, fast-growing and high-yield forestry.

Key Industrial Areas for Investment

Jining has one national high-tech industrial zone, one tourism and vacation zone, and 14 provincial economic development zones. There are also specific industrial parks set up for Japanese, Korean, Taiwan and European investors. 

Major Economic and Trade Events

China Qufu International Confucius Cultural Festival

(Date: 26th, Sept.10th, Oct.)

E&T Fair on international Confucius Cultural Festival

(Date: 26th, Sept.10th, Oct.)

China Patented Hi-tech Expo (Qufu County)

International Zencius Seminar and Stone Sculpture Art FestivalJiaxiang county

Special Vehicle Development Forum (Liangshan County)

China International Garlic Festival (Jinxiang County)

Lotus Festival (Weishan County)

China Mother’s Cultural Festival (Zoucheng County)

China Filial & Virtuous Festival (Yutai County)

China Prince Dagoba Cultural Festival (Wenshang County)

Peach Blossom Festival (Sishui County)

City Scenery

Jining City

Yi Mountain, Zoucheng

Jining City

Taibai Lake

Jining City

Sun Paper Group

Jining City

Shantui Manchinery Group

Jining City

Shandong Ruyi Group

Jining City

Lukang Pharmaceutical Group

Jining City

International Garlic Trade Market

Jining City

Hometown of Confucius, Capital of Grand Canal-Jining

Jining City

Jining National New and High-tech Zone

Jining City

Night View of Jining

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